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[Early Access]

Mine the Undeads up to the light!

Mine Undead is a 2d puzzle-platformer about undead miners working together to escape to the surface. The only way to do so, is by neutralizing deadly traps in just the right moment.


  • Control up to 4 miners at the same time
  • Complete 9 levels to test your quick thinking and multitasking skills
  • Simple controls (only four buttons!)
  • Easy to start with, hard to complete
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Difficult levels
  • Die, learn, try again!

Why Early Access

The game was created during amJam 2016 by a team of five in 48h. Let us know what you think about our game! With a bunch of feedback maybe we can do something more with it.

So go ahead, download it for free below, and let us know what you think!

Install instructions

Unpack the files and open the game.exe file


MineUndead.rar 14 MB
MineUndead.zip 16 MB

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